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THPO Report to the Tribal Council: January 2008

Yucca Mountain News

Town Hall Meeting w/Senator Harry Reid, Aug 2007
Timbisha THPO Barbara Durham and Pauline Esteves attended a Town Hall Meeting in Pahrump, NV earlier this month. Reid spoke about many issues including health care, coal-burning plants and immigration. He also touched on his opposition to Yucca Mountain.

In reference to a proposed coal-burning plant in White Pine county, Reid said they harm the national parks as well as the state of Nevada. On the topic of immigration, Reid stated that the laws are not being enforced. Employers are not held accountable for hiring illegal immigrants. He is for strengthening the borders ($3 Billion Cost). He also believes illegal immigrants working in agriculture should be guest workers.

Bighorn Sheep
Several Bighorn sheep were spotted on a recent site visit to the Sterling Gold Mine & Exploration Drill Site near Beatty, NV. Click here to see the photo.

Furnace Creek Inn & Museum
The THPO and the Committee have been working with theEconomic Development Committee on the future development plans for the Furnace Creek parcel. These plans include a museum and inn.

Student Visit to Timbisha Indian Village
On January 9th we were visited by students from the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, Geography class.  Pauline gave a talk on the importance of the mesquite trees, the pods and how the Tribe uses this as a food source.  Then we all went to the area in back of the Ranch and with shovels and picks and diverted the running water so it would run towards the mesquite trees, instead of running down the service road aimlessly.  It was great!  The students really got into it.

Photos: Historic Preservation Committee Site Visit to Owls Head Spring & Saratoga Springs

Update on Canyon Resources & Briggs Gold Mine